The Reactive Mind

The truth is that you have another mind, it has been called the  unconscious or subconscious in the past. It is the part of you that makes you act irrationally in some situations.

In the Dianetics technology, we call this the ‘reactive’ mind, because it simply reacts to situations, computing from past memories over which you have no control. So it cannot think or reason and the more pain and unconsciousness and loss you experience in your life the greater the reactive mind becomes and the unhappier you can become.

Well, while you may have done it, the reason your actions did not make sense was because your Reactive mind was the cause point of those irrational actions.

The “Reactive” mind acts in an irrational and illogical way, forcing emotions on you that you don’t understand and making you ‘react’ in ways that are not like you and make you feeling things that you don’t like and can’t control.

The Reactive mind forces upon an individual feelings and emotions, like a post-hypnotic command. It is the reason why you feel sometimes that you are not yourself. It is the cause of any lack of self confidence you have and any strange aches and pains and unexplained feelings.

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The primary goal of both Scientology and Dianetics is increased spiritual awareness for all. For this reason, neither Scientology nor Dianetics is offered as, nor professes to be, physical healing, nor is any claim made to that effect. Individuals who desire treatment of a physical or mental illness or condition are not accepted but instead, should obtain a competent medical examination for their physical or mental condition(s) or emotional disorder, by a qualified medical practitioner, before addressing the spiritual aspect of any such condition.